Rob and Bonny Hinz

Rob and Bonny Hinz purchased two properties with William Hartmann, both closed in November 2017 all from the comfort of their home in Hawaii! The Hinzs’ had the following to say about working with the Hartmann Realty Group: “We want to give everyone at your firm a HUGE thank you for all of the work you did on our behalf these past few weeks.  We are extremely happy!  From the very first email contact I [Bonny] made back in, what, June or July [2017], you [William] have been unbelievably prompt and thorough in your responses to my myriad of questions.  It was more than we expected to have you provide rental comps, and ‘pre-sceen’ the houses on my short list prior to our trip out there.  We also loved the construction background both Mark and William provided – it gave us a great sense of confidence in proceeding with purchases.  You have been kind, patient, and respectful of our desires and concerns.  The background you were able to provide about each neighborhood, the history of the builders, the demographics of the various areas – wow, it was more than we ever hoped for!  Can’t thank you enough!  We have worked with multiple realtors in our 30 years together, and your firm is at the top of our list!  When it’s time to sell our house in Hawaii, maybe we can convince you to come out here to represent us.  We’ll give you plenty of warning to get that Hawaii license!”

— Bonny and Rob Hinz